Areas of Practice

Commercial Litigation

If you get caught in a dispute, you need an attorney that understands your company. I can help you resolve a wide array of commercial claims, from breach of contract, intellectual property infringement, to shareholder or partnership disputes. Through arbitration, mediation, or full blown litigation, I will fight for the resolution you need.

Startup and Emerging Ventures

I advise start-up companies at every stage, from initial formation all the way to a successful exit.  Starting a company can be daunting, because not only do you have to be an expert at your core tech or service, but you also need to quickly become an expert at handling all the business issues, big and small, that comes with running a company.  I will work with you to understand your technology, your business, and to develop a legal strategy that truly makes sense for your company.

Technology Transactions & Privacy

If your business owns technology or licenses the rights to use technology, you need an experienced attorney who understands the complexity of technology transactions. I can help you to acquire, develop, distribute, and protect the technology that is important to your business.

Video Games and Apps

Video game, app development, social media, and digital media entertainment companies often differ from traditional brick and mortar companies in their business models and their cultures. It is important that your legal counsel understands the subtleties of these growing and evolving industries, as well as your business goals and values. In addition to the full suite of business transactions, these industries present unique issues related to intellectual property, employment and contractor documents, licensing agreements, and terms of service.

Intellectual Property

Whether you’re a large company, a technology startup, or a creative artist, intellectual property is going to be an important part of your business.  I will work with you to identify your IP assets, your risk level, and to develop an effective strategy for protecting your IP.

Outside General Counsel

Many small businesses need frequent legal advice but aren’t ready to hire a dedicated in-house general counsel.  As your outside General Counsel I get to know your business inside and out, and I can help you with all of those commercial transactions, employment issues, and regulatory concerns that you encounter on a daily basis.

Regulatory Law

Depending on your business, service, or product, regulatory compliance may play a large role in what you can or can’t do with your technology.  I can help you understand what your regulatory duties are and how to best implement your technology without running afoul of government regulations.