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Entrepreneurs, tech companies, startups, and creative people need a special kind of attorney that is equally passionate about what they want to create and understands the unique challenges they face. I may be a lawyer, but I will always embrace my entrepreneurial spirit. Are you working on something cutting edge? Starting a new business?  Experimenting with 3D printing?  Tinkering with blockchain tech?  Building an exciting web platform? I am fascinated by these cutting edge technologies and the legal implications they have for businesses.

I am an attorney with Engelman Berger, P.C., an excellent business lawfirm in Pheonix, AZ.

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Civil Litigation — Startup and Emerging Ventures — Outside General Counsel –Intellectual Property — Technology Transactions — Regulatory Law

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Blockchain Legislation Roundup: Delaware Senate Proposes Bill to Allow LLC’s to Store Records on the Blockchain

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The legislation keeps on comin! On April 26, 2018, the Delaware Senate introduced Senate Bill 182 and Senate Bill 183.  SB183 makes a number of revisions to the the Delaware Limited…


SEC Considers Approving Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

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There is perhaps no topic more hotly debated in the financial world than cryptocurrency. Enthusiasts herald crypto as a revolution that will define the future of financial products, while skeptics…


Blockchain Legislation Roundup

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Blockchain technology is all the rage, and progressive state governments around the country are in a race to be at the forefront of the coming revolution. I am proud to…


How to Hire

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One of the most exciting, but daunting, phases of a startup’s lifecycle is when it begins hiring employees. The transition from bootstrapping your idea in your garage with co-founders and…

Google Car

A Quick Update on Autonomous Vehicles

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A couple of months ago, Google reported an incident in which one of it’s autonomous vehicles collided with an oncoming bus. It was a minor fender bender that yielded no…


Vesting Agreements – The Startup Prenup

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It is very important for founders and employees to have a basic understanding of vesting agreements. To better explain why vesting agreements are important, let me tell you a little…